As we all known, it takes translators many hours to translate a chapter, and Chinese novels have thousands of chapters. Many translators dropped the novels they are translating because they can't offer such time consumption. We designed this plugin to invite you to help translators. The sentence you see here is translated by machine. You need to judge its quality and polish it if possible (or just refresh the sentence if it hurts your brains). If everyone polishs one sentence, then 100 readers can help the translator preprocess 1 chapter. By editing the sentences you have polished can save the translator over 50% of the translation time. We hope that this will help translators maintain much enthusiasm.
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Title: The First Ascended After the Founding of New China

Author: Furong Jiejie / 芙蓉姐姐

Genre: xianxia / xuanhuan

The newest 5 chapters
Chapter 4: Postscript
Chapter 3: Part two
Chapter 2: Part One
Chapter 1: Wedge
Title: The Long, Long Way to Death

Author: Flying Deuterium / 飞氘

Genre: science fiction / xuanhuan

The newest 5 chapters
Chapter 4
Chapter 3
Chapter 2
Chapter 1